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"Denise's experience and talent is only matched by her passion. She is a supporter of not only her student's singing ambitions but their writing, creativity, careers, and well being. Every lesson and Masterclass with Denise is a warm and welcoming space, and I have always learned something new. Denise has been a mentor, a teacher, and a friend to me since we met and has changed my approach to singing and teaching. It is thanks to her that I have the confidence and drive I have today."

Kathleen Mills
Sheridan graduate, writer, composer, and teacher


“Two years ago I thought I had lost my singing voice forever.  I was teaching kindergarten through a mask and doing everything I could to keep my kindies safe.  Subconsciously I changed the way I spoke through a mask and ended up with vocal nodules.  I worked with an ENT and started to get my voice back again.  Now I am so thankful to be working with the incredible soprano Denise Williams.  She has helped me re-train and strengthen and restore my voice.  I thought I had lost my singing voice forever and now it is better than before and I am hitting notes I had never reached before!”

Amy Craze
Private Voice Student,


Denise Williams is an incredibly gifted vocal coach, mentor, and teacher.  I have been working with Denise for the past few years, and my vocal ability has grown further with her than I ever thought possible.  I came to Denise with very little training and technical knowledge of my voice, singing mostly pop, jazz, and blues style music with poor technique, but with her guidance, I am now able to expand my repertoire to include musical theatre, classical, and even some opera with better technique.  Denise possesses a wealth of knowledge when it comes to vocal pedagogy but can explain the technical aspects in a very straightforward and practical manner, while tailoring her coaching to each individual student’s instrument and needs.  She brings her own passion for music and imparts it to her students with joy and excitement, along with patient warmth and understanding when tackling difficult vocal issues.  Aside from being a talented opera singer and performer herself, Denise is also the Founding Artistic Producer and Director of No Strings Theatre and is fully immersed in the creative process for the entire company’s productions and endeavors.  She is a champion of inclusivity and equality and provides opportunities for many people who are underprivileged and underrepresented in the theatre world.  I would not have had the opportunity to grow and develop as a singer, artist, and performer if I had not met Denise, and I am honoured to be her student and friend.  Denise is an absolute treasure to Toronto’s music scene, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for vocal lessons and expand their musical endeavours!

Glenn Sevillo
Private Voice Student, 2017-2022


“Denise is more than a teacher. She is a strong resource and the source of flourishing capacity.” 

Andrea McLean
Private Voice Student

"I met Denise through her students' participation in the North York Music Festival. I was very impressed by how well her students were taught, since most of them received very high marks and awards. I was also admiring the amount of personal attention each student receives. She was at the festival all the time, listening to and encouraging her students. Her students, from children to seniors, presented an admirable variety of repertoire and sung in different genres. I believe any student will be very lucky to have Denise Williams for a teacher.” ~ February 21, 2012

Ella Poret
Chair and Founder, North York Music Festival (Business Partner)

"Denise is a deeply knowledgeable, effective, and compassionate teacher. She is able to connect with students of all levels and backgrounds, and can work with a huge range of musical styles. She is also a dynamic and moving performer in opera, musical theatre, art song and church music. I would not hesitate to recommend her wholeheartedly.” ~ February 22, 2012

Erika Reiman
Independent Classical Music Professional (Colleague)

"Denise is a creative and caring teacher who goes beyond technique to the true meaning of the voice. Her holistic approach brings out the best in each student and allows everyone to start from what they know, not what they don't know. I highly recommend Denise as a voice teacher and coach for anyone at any age or level.” ~ February 21, 2012

Katherine Scott
Co-Owner, Pro Voce Studio (Colleague)

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative
"I have had the privilege of being a vocal student of Denise's for several years and have benefitted tremendously from her tutelage. Her demonstrations of technique have always been extremely creative and she always instills a sense of confidence and enthusiasm in her students' abilities. As a performer, Denise is flexible, inventive and vibrant, and is always an asset to any production.” ~ February 23, 2012

Tracy Montgomery
BA (Hon.), MLitt., CPP (client)

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative
"Denise is a supportive and encouraging teacher with an expert understanding of vocal production and a breadth of knowledge of repertoire across genres. I truly "found my voice" in her studio. She is amazing!” ~ February 22, 2012

J. Michelle Farrell

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
"I have studied with Denise Williams since August 2010. She is a superb musician and teacher, gifted with the ability to recognize and encourage the unique strengths of each individual voice and to give positive and constructive instruction on how to strengthen technique so that each student's singing can expand and grow. The scope of her musical knowledge is vast. She excels in classical, jazz, folk, pop, and music theatre. Her students range in age from pre-teen to seniors. Her manner is so pleasant and gracious that her students find that they want increasingly to explore the possibilities of the music they have discovered they can create.” ~ March 26, 2012

Patricia Howard

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
"I was a student of Denise's for a number of years. I had a wonderful experience with her. She is an incredibly dedicated, patient and professional individual and understands the human spirit especially in relation to bringing out the the instrument of the voice. She is an amazing teacher and vocal coach and very accomplished in her own right. Anyone willing to put in the work required and looking to make great strides in their vocal development will NOT be disappointed working with Denise.” ~ February 27, 2012

Yvette Barnes

"I took up private classes with Denise last year for the first time as I wanted to improve my voice range.   This year I am planning to audition for graduate acting schools in New York.  I found Denise to be a VERY inspiring teacher. She has an amazing ear that picks up all the details of your voice that need developing.  She really cares for her students [...] wants them to succeed." ~ 2004

Yelena P.

"Denise is a truly gifted teacher:
*very focused and present during lessons
*pushes you hard but not unrealistically, thus ensuring success
*has an intuitive sense of what the student needs to make progress
*recognizes each student's individuality, and unique needs and goals
*very committed "goes the extra mile" to ensure the student's success
*enriches the learning experience with frequent recitals and master classes
*is resourceful and imaginative in devising new and effective approaches
*has a great sense of humour, which energizes and focuses her lessons." ~ 2004

Tom Currier 
Computer Programmer

"It is really hard to express in a few sentences how grateful I am to have Denise Williams as a teacher. Two years ago, I decided to take singing lessons as a way to deal with my asthma. I did not know then that Denise would practically force me to discover my hidden potential. How does she do it? I guess the best way to put it is by saying that as her student I want her to be pleased with my work and progress. In other words Denise motivates you and then works you hard. I can never thank her enough for being both supportive and demanding. Thank you, Denise." ~ 2004

J. Fareau 

I started taking singing lessons a year ago with Denise and noticed after approx. a month that I sounded different.
A year ago, I never thought I’d actually be singing in front of people, especially someone who has a band of their own or who is an accomplished singer because I was too shy, but now I don’t mind at all. They’ve got me singing at work! Denise is awesome!
It improves self confidence, your 'speaking voice' improves, and you learn to breathe properly. It’s a workout from the inside!" ~ 2004

Fitness Trainer

"I had always been afraid of my voice which made me reticent to sing in public.  I never felt like I could rely on my voice although I had had many teachers.  With encouragement from Denise, and her ability to recognize and repair vocal problems, she helped me release my frustrated gift, renew my passion, and build my confidence." ~ 2004

Tita Griffin 

"When I started taking singing lessons with Denise Williams, I was in the alto section of a choir and was getting hoarse after each performance. My voice was weak and I thought it was just part of the process of aging. I thought a few voice lessons would avoid me losing my voice completely.
With Denise’s speech-level singing technique and her encouragement, I discovered that I was a high soprano. Denise helped me to expand and strengthen the top range of my voice through anchoring and strengthening the lower range.
Denise encouraged me to pursue my dream of attaining Royal Conservatory of Music examinations in spite of the fact that I am a senior. She showed me that it was never too late to follow my dream of eventually getting my ARCT Singing Diploma. I have been successful in attaining grade 9 level so far. I’m almost there!
Thanks Denise and good luck in all your future endeavours." ~ 2004

Alethia McIntosh 
Registered Nurse
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