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Purple Stars


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Denise Williams
Founding Director

Voices of Colour Music is a new brand for Denise's studio, established since 1990.  In addition to vocal technique and vocal health, the studio has been extended to private instruction in piano, theory, improv, songwriting, coaching on style, interpretation, preparation for auditions, exams, festivals, masterclasses, recitals, music career counseling, and performance opportunities for all ages and vocal genres. 

Our teachers are internationally professional performers, with advanced certification in their music fields and with an established teaching record anywhere from 6 to over 20 years.


​We believe in honing the elements of music skill, including technical, musicianship, artistic creativity and performance skills in people of all ages and strive to meet the individual learning style to deliver the tools for success from the studio to the stages one desires to be on.


Voices of Colour Music studio recognizes that each person posses a unique instrument, has individual needs, desires, and goals. We strive to hone one's own natural vocal or instrumental colour and style through individually tailored studies which promote singing or playing with ease and freedom. We also understand how the psyche can get in the way and strive to channel the psycho-emotional path to successful performing. Beginner or advanced, amateur or professional, classical or contemporary, we can fit you.


Although a sleek size 6 when I was in high school, I struggled to understand why LEE jeans did not look as good on me as on one of my girlfriends who was the same size. LEVIS jeans were somewhat of a better fit but certainly not as perfect as my friend's. No size seemed to fit. I figured that I was just an odd size and unattractive. 

Similarly, I struggled to understand why one of my colleagues who had the same vocal teacher as I soared to her potential in a matter of a couple of years while I was getting vocally lost. Quite a number of years down the road I discovered that I was essentially trying to fit into a singing mentality that was not me, just like the LEE jeans. 

Once I realized this and saw my path, I recalled the mentors that were most helpful, reinterpreted instructors whom I had conflict with, and eventually learned I could attain my goals of reaching success on the concert stage and beyond.

Back in the day it was mainly LEE or LEVIS jeans. Have you noticed how many jean types there are today?

Everyone should be able to look good in jeans!

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