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Female Speaker


Improve your: 

  • public speaking

  • diction

  • voice projection and tone

  • command of the English language

  • knowledge of literature and literary styles

  • storytelling 

  • comedic skills

  • confidence

  • communication of your singing

  • monologues

  • ​gain a teaching certificate

Quoted from the RCM Speech Arts and Drama Syllabus

Everyone needs a voice. The ability to speak with power, clarity, and confidence is one of the best tools for success in today’s world. The study of speech arts and drama develops communication skills and nurtures creativity and artistic expression. The training provides enrichment in the arts and teaches skills that transfer to every aspect of life. Students learn to use their voices to speak clearly and with purpose. Training in speech arts and drama encompasses not only the art of speaking through the interpretation and performance of literature and drama, but also training in both public speaking and improvisational skills. Speech arts and drama studies appeal to a broad spectrum of people. Many become involved because of a love of literature and a passion for acting, speaking, and performing. Many recognize the value of training the speaking voice and developing effective, confident communication skills. 

*these lessons are on a temporary hold for the 2021/2022 season

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