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No Strings Theatre’s mission is to provide opportunity for young people to develop their skills in all aspects of the music theatre arts—singing, dancing, acting, production—under the guidance of trained professional artists. 


We aim to level economic and other barriers to provide equal opportunity for young people to participate in our programs.


No Strings Theatre program, established since 2005, was modelled after local and international training programs in opera, such as the Summer Opera Lyric Theatre in Toronto, and other such programs designed to provide professional artistic training by means of an intensive program outside of an institutional setting.  The founding goal of No Strings Theatre was to create an all-inclusive, easily-accessible,  program for students, ages 13 to 21, who were keen to develop performing arts skills but might not be ready for serious operatic training.  We have now, through popular demand, extended our programming from pre-teens (Tween Program) to Emerging Professional Artists (EAP program), as well as adults in the general community.

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