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Lesson Fee Rates

Lessons will be in person or virtual.

In person lessons will either be at my


near Dufferin and Davenport

or at the

Yonge and Lawrence studio

3300 Yonge St,. 

(just north of Lawrence Ave)

The following rates are for lessons during the 2023/2024 season.   

All studio fees payable to Denise Williams or Voices of Colour Music Studio

by cheque or e-transfer to

Denise Williams

Carlos Morgan
Contemporary Style

Darryl Joseph-Dennie
Ben MacDonald

Ear Training/
Functional Keyboard

2023-2024 Fee Schedule
per term

10 lessons total for each Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms

See Denise's seniors and artist's rates above

10 Sessions

Monthly Fee Schedule

Lesson payments are due in advance of lessons.  Prepayment would be for 10, 5, or 4 lessons at a time.   Current acceptable payments are by cheque or e-transfer to   Please see added notes and studio policies below.

* The lesson schedule ensures that there are at least 1-3 weeks break in between each term with a break for the July and August summer months.  Make up lessons can be accomplished in the breaks. 
*Monthly payments are due at the first of each set of 4.  Please make every attempt to keep up with the schedule and arrange make ups. 
*Unless at the professional level, or other pre-arranged condition, a minimum of one term's commitment is expected. (10 weeks in the Fall, Winter, and Spring for a total of 30 lessons). 

*Extra sessions and summer lessons are also available

* A a min of 1 month notice is required to terminate your lessons or take a pause.  Fees are not refundable, renegotiable, nor transferrrable.

For other arrangements, please contact us.

Studio Policies

These have been updated to create more consistency and ensure smooth operation for all teachers in the studio and are consistent with most other studio policies.

1. Unless otherwise agreed , students are required to follow the fee payment schedule , ensuring that fees are paid on time, with a minimum commitment of 1 term.  (Special conditions below)*

2. A student should give at least 4 weeks notice of termination of lessons for the following term. Prepaid lessons for the subsequent term will be refunded under certain conditions such as illness or needing to be away.

3.  Unless due to serious illness, a min 24hr notice is required for cancellation of a lesson.   If ill, and there is less that 24hrs notice, please attempt to cancel at your earliest convenience and by contacting the teacher’s cell number. Emails in this case, are not sufficient. 

4. A maximum of 2 missed lessons in a term session can be made up in the subsequent term, however full payment for that term is still required at the beginning of the term. 

5. Lessons cannot be carried over 2 terms or into the next academic year. 

6. Make ups for lessons can be handled in many ways as convenient for the teacher and student:
1) Within the term   2) At the end of the paid lessons scheduled (there is usually a 2-3 week grace period for make ups or extra lessons)   3) Extending the lesson time

7. A make up lesson will be forfeited if it is canceled regardless of notice. (i.e. cancellation of 1 lesson twice in a row voids the lesson)

8. It will be at the teacher’s discretion to 1) Make up a lesson with less than 24hrs notice, 2) Make up the same lesson more than once 3) Make up for any lost time due to lateness on the part of the student. 4) Schedule a student who is owing fees.

9. Lessons canceled by the teacher will be made up at a mutually convenient time otherwise reimbursed.

10. Lesson payments are final sale and cannot be financially redeemed nor transferred.

11. Students are required consult with the teacher before registering for auditions, competitions, exams etc. and to notify the teacher of any pending performances, auditions, etc

12. *Special conditions 

  • Year round students can operate outside of the termed scheduling and agree to a course of study with the teacher

  • A tailored lesson schedule can be arranged for performance preparation (e.g. audition, exam, festival, recording)

  • Professional musicians can operate on an ad hoc consultation basis. Fees (without any discounts) must be paid at each lesson

13. Amendments to this policy will be made to cover issues regarding the suspension of a student from a studio.

14. Policies may be amended without notice.


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